The Written Word

Whether you need a regular newsletter, individual articles, or copy for advertising literature, Mayhead Media can help.

Our team includes some of the best automotive writers- names you will recognise from magazines and national newspapers, many award-winning in their field. Whether you need content about a 1920s racing car or a 2016 family saloon, we have someone who is a specialist in that area. 

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Mayhead Media can provide specific motoring articles to suit your needs. Whether for a national newspaper or an in-house journal, we can provide fully researched and edited copy, complete with links and SEO-rich content. 



Newsletters are a great way to maintain regular contact with customers and other subscribers. High-quality, bespoke written content really marks a company out from its competitors, and creates SEO-rich pages that help to draw new people to your website. We can also design and send out newsletters on your behalf.

Our writing ethos

Cars are amazing machines- there are few other man-made objects that generate such strong emotional bonds. Our writing reflects this: we are behind the scenes, talking to the people who matter, and coming at old stories from new angles. Humour, passion and knowledge are essential; we expect our readers to be able to #smellthepetrol.